Born Feb. 7, 1974
40 years old
Master in Commercial Sciences
2 years working for Euroclear
8 years working for Hewlett-Packard
Freelance consultant since 2006
International experience
LinkedIn profile
+32 495 12.52.29
Resume (2-page version)

Nicolas Bouillon

Nicolas is an Interim manager and Senior Programme/Project Manager. After having built up an experience for 10 years in large corporations in consulting, sales and management positions, he decided to start his own business in 2006.

For 1 year and a half, he jointly managed and developed two companies called Icon Vision (specialized in Finance consulting) and Janalent Benelux (specialized in IT consulting), both companies accounted for 17 consultants in total and a yearly revenue of 1 million euros. Janalent Benelux was a joint venture with Janalent US who was at the time awarded twice the award of Microsoft Partner of the Year.
In August 2008, he decided to pursue his objectives alone and sold Icon Vision to his partner.

Since then, Nicolas has been delivering consulting services under the name of Katalyst. He acquired interim management experience primarily at BNP Paribas Fortis during acquisitions, mergers and separation programs that this company has been involved into.

As interim management positions are temporary and not common, he has also managed several big projects and programs mainly focused on process-reengineering, audit/compliance and security/risk management.

Since October 2013, he is working at RealDolmen and is since April 2014 Head of Business Solutions for the french-speaking accounts.

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