Katalyst Management Consulting
Katalyst provides since 2007 professional services primarily in Information Technology.

We have been mostly active in the Finance sector and have been providing services for most of Belgium's major banks along the years.
That experience was built up by Nicolas Bouillon either as an employee of Katalyst or in other companies.

Our services are centered around the re-organization of small to medium-large departments and the optimization of the processes they provide.
We have various experiences of transformation of teams into service-oriented departments taking into account the specificities and culture of the company.
The finance element is also taken into consideration as well as the human aspects.

We believe that Interim management - as it is often called and misused on the market - is not just the temporary assignment of a person until you find the right person for the long-run. Interim management services we provide concentrate on the preparation of your department for the final assignment of a new manager:

  • Describe with the requesting customer what are the primary objectives
  • Analyze the current situation of the team over all aspects (financial, human, processes, clients)
  • Deliver a report to the management and make a proposition on how to achieve the objectives
  • Start the change, the transformation, in close partnership with the customer
  • Participate optionally to the profile definition of the new manager and its hiring
  • Perform the transition

Because interim management creates change, we also participate to it and realize it.
Programme and Project Management are key enablers of change. We have accumulated substantial experience in managing programs and projects:

  • In Belgium and internationally
  • Using many different methologies or in ad-hoc fashion
  • From small (< 100 mandays) to large programs (>5000 mandays)
  • Technology-oriented or Business projects
  • To internal or external customers
  • In different languages and multi-cultural environments